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Welcome to the Imperial Baths

Do you hear it? The sound of the waves as the water rushes onto the beach? The screeching of seagulls as they sail through the wind? The crunch of the sand as it gives way under your feet? It sounds like vacation. All Seasons.

Sea. Experience. imperial baths.


Culture in the Imperial Baths

Whether music and art, film and theater or sports and guided tours - in the imperial baths, the boards that mean the world are shown in many variations and colorful facets.

  • 2022
  • 2023
December 28 - January 01, 2023 I Heringsdorf - Square at the ice rink
Magical winter world by the sea

Welcome, in a bright winter setting behind the dunes next to the ice arena, with handicrafts and local trades. How about a fragrant lard cake and aromatic mulled wine? Immerse yourself in the colorful glittering world, with the Ferris wheel and children's carousels, with the fresh breeze from the sea on your face and good mood music in your ears. Look forward to dazzling fantasy figures and a colorful program for the whole family. And if you like it sporty, you can dash over the runners in the "Island Usedom Ice Arena". On December 31, at 17:00 p.m., a wonderful fireworks display with music will be launched on the event area next to the winter world, especially for all children and families.

Enjoy the last days of the year in a blaze of lights and midnight fireworks.

The program can be found here.

31. December
New Year's fireworks at the piers

At the turn of the year, the sky shines over the beach and sea: welcome the new year with us on the beach of the imperial baths.

01. January
New Year's Concert

With the Warsaw Chamber Philharmonic conducted by Prof. Dariusz Mikulski. What better way to start a year than with a concert? When internationally acclaimed artists bring their musical New Year's greetings to the stage, you simply have to be there live. Secure your ticket now for the perfect start to the new year.

Get your ticket here now!

January 20st & 21nd, 2023
Winter beach chair festival with beach chair WM

The fourth weekend in January on Usedom is traditionally characterized by icy beach fun with a sporty and curious highlight - the world championships in the beach chair sprint. The XV Beach chair World Cup will be held on the beach in Ahlbeck, in front of the beautiful backdrop of the historic pier. You can expect top-class sporting achievements. The team that covers the fastest distance of 20 meters together with the beach chair secures the world championship title. Teams of two are required who have enough strength to carry a beach chair weighing around 60 kg over the distance. Sign up now!
Qualification training will take place on Friday at 17.00:14.30 p.m. under floodlights. On Saturday at XNUMX p.m. the starting signal for the children's beach chair Olympics will be given. So that your children can also take part, special beach chairs were produced in mini format.
The XX Winter beach chair festival provides a first taste of the upcoming summer season. On all event days you can expect not only dreamy beach chairs, but also a colorful program for the whole family and a range of warm dishes and drinks.
We are looking forward to you!

More information can be found here.

25 February 2023
Winter bathing spectacle in Ahlbeck

While most of us are snuggling up in warm coats, scarves and hats and warming our hands over a mug of mulled wine, then it's time for the ice baths on Usedom. At the Usedom winter bathing spectacle, a number of disguised water rats throw themselves into the cold Baltic Sea waters, the temperature of which will only be a few degrees above zero at this time.

08 - 10 April 2023 | Bansin Beach & Promenade
Bansin Easter Island

An Easter festival on the promenade and on the beach with various stations such as a games island, a creative island, a show island, an active island and a culinary island form the Bansin Easter Islands.

Let yourself be inspired by a colorful program on the stage and many activities. Take part when the stage turns into a gaming arena, you might be lucky and win one of many great prizes.

Innovations from well-known game publishers can be tried out on the games island.

May - September
pictures in the sea

Open-air photo shows on the beach - That means discovering the island of Usedom in a way you haven't seen before. The breathtaking pictures of the local photographers let you see the island with different eyes and from new perspectives.

May 26-29 | Seebad Heringsdorf - promenade
International cabaret festival

Every year at Pentecost, the promenade of the Imperial Baths is transformed into a festival stage for magic, pantomime, street theater and artistry. Small artists from all over the world gather on the island of Usedom to show their talents and inspire the audience. In addition to guest performances and free performances by the artists, the highlight of the cabaret festival is the gala program “Varieté am Meer”. For 22 years now, the Förderverein Kleinkunst has been organizing the impressive street festival in cooperation with the Imperial Baths. So far, more than 350 artists have made the hearts of locals and holidaymakers beat faster with their imagination, magic and entertainment. So again this year.

Photo: Christoph Kurz cabaret festival 2016

May 27 | Seebad Heringsdorf - Imperial Baths Hall
Variety show by the sea

It has become a nice tradition that selected participants of the cabaret festival create a top-class gala program together with a renowned emcee.

June 19 - September 10 | Seebad Ahlbeck
Imperial baths sports beach

On, on, in the water - the sports beach of the Kaiserbades offers the right program and the right course for beginners or professionals and for tension or relaxation: Whether volleyballs over nets, enjoying yoga in the beach sand or with the stand-up board towards the sunrise paddle.
If lounging on the fine sand is not enough for you, you can work up a sweat on the sports beach. Anyone who wants to keep fit while on vacation or who enjoys playing games together can really step on the gas here. It doesn't matter whether you like chasing balls, want to start the day with a relaxed early morning exercise session or on the Baltic Sea with sunrise stand-up paddling - there are plenty of opportunities to be active in sports on the sports beach of the imperial baths.

Beach soccer, volleyball, beach tennis or gymnastics have one thing in common here - the fine, white beach under your feet and the steady, rushing waves in your ears.

More information can be found here.


June 24 | Seebad Ahlbeck
State sports games MV

The Landessportspiele MV are the big sports festival of the Landessportbund MV, with which the sports family celebrates the joy of exercise in the community. Hosts are the imperial baths on the beautiful island of Usedom with the communities of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin.

All athletes, residents and guests of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are invited, no matter how old they are or how sporty they feel.

More information can be found here.

national sports games

24 June - 03 September I Seebad Heringsdorf - LED wall to the left of the pier
Summer cinema Heringsdorf

Cinema with your feet in the sand right by the sea. You can enjoy children's and family films, blockbusters and classic films on the large LED video wall. In beach chairs or snuggled up in warm blankets on a deck chair
experience cinema in a different way on the beach.

June 30 - July 02 | Seebad Ahlbeck - concert place
UseTube23 - Newcomer concerts

Newcomers to the German music scene make guest appearances in the imperial baths on the island of Usedom.

Addicted to squeaky good mood music? Or rather fat beats, with a mixture of lascivious soul, lively folk, groovy rock and dance floor - indie pop or emotional singer-songwriter?

It doesn't matter, you will feel the passion of the young musicians & bands at "UseTube23" on the beach promenade in Ahlbeck.

Sometimes it's an experiment, deliberately free of frills, with powerful guitar riffs and noticeable dynamics or gently with great ballads in an emotional sound and lyrics that touch the soul.

"UseTube23" is the opportunity for discoverers of new music, far removed from the chart-oriented radio mainstream.

Curious? Then save the date and drop by, with free entry to "UseTube23" on the beach promenade in Seebad Ahlbeck.

July 01 - August 31 | Fischerstrand Heringsdorf below the pirate playground | Beach exit 2P
Play beach "Play(t) room by the sea"

"Play(t) room by the sea" - that is the motto of our play beach.
Unusual large and skill games, fascinating puzzles, unusual creative offers and captivating team experiments are available to try out free of charge on the beach (Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.) in July and August.

The latest board games can be tested in the "games tent". In addition, the "creative studio" offers the opportunity for small handicrafts. In addition, there are other highlights in the afternoons. For this purpose, to the
At weekends, different game publishers will be there with their new products.

Heringsdorf seaside resort
Fishermen's beach below the pirate playground

04 July & 15 August | Imperial Baths - Beach
Sandpiper barefoot concerts

Feet in the sand, the Baltic Sea waves in sight and your favorite song in your ear, played live and directly on the beach at a barefoot concert while the sun slowly sets behind the dunes. It is precisely these moments that become
Feel-good memory sneak and stay.

08 July & 26 August | Heringsdorf beach to the left of the pier
Silent disco on the beach

Dancing through the summer night with headphones in the open air on the beach - at this extraordinary dance event, three DJs simultaneously inspire their audience via headphones with different and selectable music styles.
From party music, hits and charts to the 90s, electro, rock, hip-hop and alternative music, there is something for every musical taste. A party where people dance wildly but seemingly silently and outsiders find out about the
whimsical sight amuse.

July 22 & August 19 | Imperial baths sports beach
Glow Volleyball Tournament

The beach glows in neon colors under black light, glowing volleyballs are smashed over the net, players are covered in neon make-up. The beach in Ahlbeck will shine brightly again. Then you can splash, dredge and dance again.

13 - 16 July I Bansin - Promenade & Concert Square
Bansin pier festival

The Seebrückenfest is the hip cultural highlight of the summer in the seaside resort of Bansin.

With a maritime character, it attracts visitors with a small, fine retail mile and an extraordinary programme. From lovable cabaret with outstanding walking acts, from the impressive play with light and fire, to the unforgettable live concert experience in the evening.

Along the beach promenade and around the historically unique concert pavilion, selected, handcrafted goods are offered, invite restaurateurs with cool drinks, regional fish dishes and all sorts of hearty and sweet things to stroll and linger.

July 27th - 30st I Ahlbeck - Promenade & Concert Square
Ahlbeck Summer Festival

Against the historical backdrop of the oldest pier in Germany, we welcome you to another cultural highlight in the imperial baths - the Ahlbeck Summer Festival. Look forward to a colorful program for young and old,
unique musical performances and some surprises.

During the four days, the Ahlbeck summer festival attracts visitors with its colorful market and all kinds of arts and crafts stands. Browsing through the stands, there is sure to be something for one or the other.

To strengthen yourself you will find numerous gastronomy stands with a wide range of offers.

Fun and action on bumper cars and a breathtaking view from the Ferris wheel await you, as well as wonderful walk acts on the promenade and live music on the concert stage in the evening. The summer highlight in Ahlbeck.

August 03th - 06th I Heringsdorf - Promenade & Concert Square
Heringsdorf Imperial Days

An imperial couple in the 21st century? The Imperial Days make it possible. Every first weekend in August of every year, the Heringsdorfer Kaisertage promise a journey through time into the long-forgotten history of the seaside resort. However, no value is placed on historical accuracy, but rather the history is presented with a wink. Look forward to nostalgia, curiosities and attractions - at this year's Heringsdorfer Kaisertage from August 03rd to 06th, 2023. At the largest street festival in the region, not only the emperor and empress are doing the honors, you can expect a spectacle with pompous dresses, glamorous parade and atmospheric

August 07 - September 06 | Ahlbeck pier forecourt
Variety PromenArt

In the open air and in a nostalgic cabaret atmosphere, you can enjoy wonderful comedy and fabulous artistry with a spectacular program. Professional artists from all over Germany ensure the best entertainment
Variety PromenArt.

We invite you to the PromenArt variety show from Monday to Wednesday at 20:00 p.m.

More information can be found here.

August 11 | Heringsdorf - pier
Imperial Baths Summer Open Air - ALVARO SOLER

Alvaro Soler

Get your tickets right here!

With Alvaro Soler, Spanish temperament meets the urban flair of Berlin: modern pop from the Iberian Peninsula, with Latin influences and instruments played live. With his catchy tunes "El Mismo Sol" (2015) and "Sofia" (2016) he created two great summer hits that made him suddenly famous not only in Europe.

Alvaro Soler was born in Barcelona in 1991 to a Spanish mother and a German father. Music has accompanied him since his youth, when he learned to play the piano at the age of 10, later played in a school band and founded the band Urban Light in 2010. With this he won a music competition at the university, so they then devoted more to the music, released a single and reached the finals of the talent show "Tú sí que vales". This is how Universal Music became aware of Alvaro Soler and signed him as a solo musician. His debut single "El Mismo Sol" soon went fivefold platinum and millions of clicks on YouTube, and his first album "Eterno Agosto" also hit the top of the charts across Europe in 2015.

Alvaro Soler's music simply puts you in a good mood. Its Spanish sounds bring back the warm rays of sunshine even in the depths of winter and automatically tempt you to dance. Visit a concert by the Spanish-German pop musician and experience eternal summer!

August 18 | Concert place Heringsdorf
Flashlight concert with rumble style

The flashlight concerts by RUMPELSTIL are swinging and rocking evening concerts for the whole family. For many children, the flashlight concert is the first concert that starts in the evening and is also played in the open air -
a real experience.

rumble style

August 18-20 | Heringsdorf concert place

Artists from all parts of the world enchant their models on the theme "200 years of Heringsdorf" so that the seaside resort of Heringsdorf shines golden. The event for the whole family...body painters join hands in the Kaiserbad "Den Brush" and enchant the Heringsdorfer Konzertplatz at the pier in a unique sea of ​​colors...

We look forward to seeing you!

More information can be found here.


September October
Usedom Music Festival

For three weeks, visitors to the international festival experience the stars and treasures of music from the Baltic region. Annually changing country focuses then show the whole musical diversity of Northern Europe.

October 03 at 20:40 p.m. | Heringsdorf beach to the left of the pier
XXL beach fireworks

On the Day of German Unity, let yourself be inspired by an extraordinary beach fireworks display along the seaside resort coast on the island of Usedom! Fireworks will be set off at 10-minute intervals without interruption, starting in Karlshagen at 19:30 p.m. and continuing in Heringsdorf (20:40 p.m.).


16th - 29th October I Imperial Baths
Family weeks by the sea

From puppet theater and handicrafts to torch-lit hikes and geocaching to park magic and kite festivals – from October 16 to 29, 2023, the family weeks by the sea will take place in the imperial baths.

Special highlights this year are:
Park magic in the Goethepark Heringsdorf on October 20th and 21st from 18 p.m. with light installations, walking acts and artists. When it gets dark, the Goethepark starts to glow. Be there and let yourself be enchanted.
The kite festival in Bansin from 27 to 29 October from 11:00 a.m. with gigantic aerosculptures, face painting and much more.

The Bansin Games House (October 14-16.10 & October 22-24.10, 11 a.m.-17 p.m.) – young and old are cordially invited to experience the colorful world of the new games and try them out under supervision. There are also unusual ones
Big games and a small creative corner to discover.

October 20th - 21st I Heringsdorf - Goethe Park
park magic

When it gets dark, the Goethepark starts to glow - light installations, walking acts and various artists let us immerse ourselves in a magical world.

October 27-29 | Bansin - Promenade & Beach
Kite festival by the sea

Colorful autumn days and a fresh breeze over the Baltic Sea invite you to the Kite Festival by the sea in the seaside resort of Bansin. Colorful meter-high kites from kite friends Rattey and other kite friends playfully tumble and fly in the Baltic Sea sky and inspire with their unusual shapes, colors and flying skills. Also admire the aerosculptures on the beach. We welcome young and old to a colorful and varied program on the Bansin Promenade with face painting, handicrafts, various games and a varied animation program.

01. - 03. December 2023
Imperial Baths Christmas Market

On the 1st weekend in Advent, the Imperial Baths Christmas market on the Ahlbeck concert square gets you in the mood for the Christmas season in a contemplative atmosphere. The scent of mulled wine, bratwurst, cookies, roasted almonds and candied apples
lies in the Baltic Sea air and invites you to linger. Atmospheric music around the Christmas season sounds and to round off each evening there is a mulled wine party and mood music under the Christmas tree, the imperial baths
Spend the Christmas market in good company.

Our tip
island glitter | Giant labyrinth between the pier and the ice rink in Heringsdorf
16.12.2022 - 25.02.2023

From December 16.12.2022th, 25.02.2023 to February XNUMXth, XNUMX, the Imperial Baths will have a new and free winter outdoor attraction. A huge labyrinth in the form of an ice crystal is being built on the old sports field in Heringsdorf, probably the largest walkable ice crystal in the world. The labyrinth will be inaugurated with a light show on December 16.12.2022, 18 at 00:XNUMX p.m and can be discovered free of charge from December 17.12.2022, XNUMX. Particularly energy-saving lighting systems are used for the light experience, which are gradually adapted to the natural lighting conditions.

The Heringsdorf giant labyrinth is also part of the island-wide "Island glitter" campaign. A decorative and illuminated letter is set up in all seaside resorts between Ahlbeck and Trassenheide, which together results in the slogan "I Usedom". Guests and locals should be encouraged to visit all seaside resorts and a creative collage of "I Usedom" with the hashtag #inselglitzernusedom to post. More campaigns are being prepared for the hash tag idea, so it's worth taking part.

Sat., 03.12.
"Learn to laugh without crying"

Musical-literary evening with texts by Tucholsky, Ringelnatz and Kästner, drawings by Ralf Bergner and music by “Two Guitars”; from groovy to dreamy and jazzy to meditative with Charlie Eitner and Ulrich Maria Kellner. An extraordinary concert evening: stylistic versatility and perfected attention to detail, performance and stories between romance, emotion and virtuosity.

Sat. 03.12. at 19:30 p.m
Bansin – guest house

Get your ticket here now!
Events in November

When the birds hurry south, the forest turns colorful and gradually lets its foliage fall, autumn has arrived. Refreshing morning dew in the dunes and a living sea that looks like it was painted. Anyone who has ever been able to experience the play of light of glowing clouds in the colorful sunrise knows what a special magic this time is. In autumn it's time to take a deep breath, give your soul space and experience the sea in the imperial baths.

to the event calendar for November
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