5 things you must have seen and experienced in the Imperial Baths

1. Off to the beach

Packed with a blanket and towel, bucket and shovel, beach shelter and windbreak. The sunny island is known for its fine, white sandy beach. So from there - to relax in a beach chair, to jump into the cool water or to build mess castles. It's going to be a beautiful day, with a breeze in your hair, salt on your skin and sand under your feet. And if you need some variety and excitement, then our LED wall with the "pictures in the sea" and the "summer cinema" at the Heringsdorfer Seebrücke is ready.

2. From pier to pier

One more beautiful than the other - the three piers of the imperial baths. The old lady in Ahlbeck is already, believe it or not, more than 100 years old. While this fact makes it the oldest pier in Germany, its sister in Heringsdorf is the longest in the country at 508 meters.

3. In historical footsteps

Bay windows, balconies, turrets - the rich and beautiful built themselves some magnificent buildings, magnificent palaces and fairytale castles at the turn of the century. Strolling along the promenade you can see many of the villas that were once built as summer residences. A wide variety of styles from different epochs were used, from the Renaissance and Baroque to Art Nouveau.

4. Fit on the sports beach

Between Ahlbeck and Heringdorf it's "Sport free!". Whether stand-up paddling, badminton, beach soccer, beach handball, beach volleyball, beach tennis, burning ball, beach gymnastics, Nordic walking, bums and bums, geocaching, sand figure competitions, beach Olympics, boccia, slackline or balance board . The offer is almost inexhaustible. Until September 01st, 2019, the sports beach of the imperial baths is still open for big and small, young and old.

5. Seven Lakes View

A detour into the hinterland of the imperial baths is worthwhile: From the hilly Usedom Switzerland it goes over to the untouched nature of the lake landscape. The two inland lakes Schmollensee and Gothensee, the largest on the island, are hidden here. A breathtaking view over the seven lakes in the region, with the two associated Krebssees, the Schloonsee, the Kachliner See, the Achterwasser with Haff and of course the Baltic Sea, can be obtained from the 40 meter high wooden observation tower on Bergmühlenweg near Neu Sallenthin.