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Your personal tour!​

27 elegant oak steles in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin give you an exciting insight into the history and the who's who of the illustrious imperial spa guests.

Special highlight:

The accompanying Imperial Baths adventure trail app (available in the App Store since April 05.04.2023th, 3) offers in-depth content as a digital experience at each station, e.g. B. as a selfie, picture gallery, interactive video, 360D model or XNUMX° panorama. Be enchanted by the history of unique villas and piers!

Must have: Imperial baths adventure trail app​

In addition are in the app other useful functions available.

For example, different locations can be controlled individually or by given topics, e.g. B. "Bäderarchitektur" can be combined to form a "guided" tour. The app gives you concrete orientation and inspiration when planning your trips to the imperial baths.

Another plus:

In app you will find a clear overview of all current events in the imperial baths.

More. Experience. imperial baths.

Download the Imperial Baths adventure trail app now:

• Discover historical places and squares

• Plan activities and tours

• Find holiday inspiration

• Calendar of events

The app can be found in the respective app store.

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The Imperial Baths Adventure Trail

• QR code self-guided tour of the town

• Map with directions and places worth seeing

• Extended information can be called up as a digital interaction at every station

• Routes suitable for pedestrians and cyclists

• Fully available in Polish and English

• Discover the imperial baths at your own pace!

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