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…by car

Via the so-called Baltic Sea autobahn, the A20, from the directions of Berlin and Hamburg, it is possible to arrive just before our beautiful island. One or the other bridge leads from the mainland to the island - the Peene Bridge in Wolgast and the Zecherin Bridge near Anklam.

The Peenebrücke Wolgast or the "Blue Wonder" opens its arms to ship traffic at 05:45 a.m., 07:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 17:45 p.m. and 20:45 p.m. From October to May

The Zecherin Bridge allows ships to pass at 05:45 a.m., 08:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 16:45 p.m. and 20:45 p.m.

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…by bus

It doesn't have to be a plane or a train, the long-distance bus also rolls to the island of Usedom throughout Germany. The long-distance buses of the Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB) run regularly from Berlin and Hamburg to our island, the FlixBus has a constantly growing route network. From May to September, the Ostsee Express also runs from Zwickau to Ahlbeck.

You can book the timetables and tariffs for long-distance buses from Berlin and Hamburg via UBB:

UBB long-distance bus

You can find the timetables and tariffs for the green long-distance buses via FlixBus:


The Usedom Express runs to the island every Saturday in summer:

Usedom Express Zwickau Island Usedom

The Ostsee-Express from Switzerland runs to the island every Friday in summer:

Ostsee-Express Switzerland-Usedom Island

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…by train

You can travel to the island of Usedom by train from all directions in Germany, but unfortunately we cannot save you from having to change trains at least once. Both intercity trains and regional trains arrive in Stralsund and Züssow, where you can connect to the Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB). This takes you over the Wolgast bascule bridge, drives through the seaside resorts and island towns along the coast and finally brings you comfortably to your destination. Then it says "Please get off" - in Bansin, Heringsdorf or Ahlbeck.

You can find your train connection to the Imperial Baths in the Deutsche Bahn travel information:

Deutsche Bahn

The timetables and tariffs for rail traffic on the island can be found via the UBB:

UBB train

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…by plane

Blue Baltic Sea, white beach and green forests. The island from a bird's eye view is a feast for the eyes and the landing approach over the nature park is an experience. From May to October, planes to and from Kassel (Rhein-Neckar Air), Frankfurt am Main (Lufthansa), Luxembourg (LuxAir) and Mannheim (Rhein-Neckar Air) take off and land from and from Heringsdorf Airport – probably the fastest and most comfortable Arrival possibility for scheduled and commercial aircraft on our beautiful island.

Do you want to experience the sea in the imperial baths? Then quickly book the next flight:

Heringsdorf airport

Flight plan

In the imperial baths

Map of Ahlbeck


Map of Heringsdorf

Heringsdorf - Download

Map of Bansin

Bansin - Download

Map of the Imperial Baths

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