"Behind the Scenes" - The Fall Video


6:30 a.m., Ahlbeck pier, I am greeted by a mild wind that makes my hair dance. The excitement in me increases, far and wide there is not a soul to be seen. I breathe in deeply, listen to the melody of the water, feel a shiver of happiness run through me, breathe out.   

This morning, the Pietrulla brothers, who have traveled all the way from Munich, meet me for the first time: because I am allowed to embody the protagonist of the new autumn video of the imperial baths. I'm waiting on the pier and trying to calm down, a storm of thoughts is raging in my head. "Hopefully I don't screw this up," I just think to myself. With big smiles on their faces, Chris and Alex approach me and by the time the two young men are standing in front of me, all signs of excitement have disappeared. While the three of us are waiting for sunrise, we can get to know each other briefly and then the time has come: the sun comes out and kisses the sea, the clouds take on a pink color out of embarrassment - like in a kitschy love story, the sun is shining to enjoy their big performance.

Every morning we leave our beds early, it is still dark and cool. A wall of fog lies over the fields, they are covered by the night darkness.

Getting up early allows us to see and enjoy the sunrises at the most beautiful points of the imperial baths, I feel pure joie de vivre awakening in me.

In the days that follow, we always return to where I feel most comfortable – to the beach, with our noses in the wind and our feet in the sand. This still feels cool and damp and my feet are starting to freeze, the ice-cold air in the morning tickles the tip of my red-colored nose.

"Where is your favorite spot in the Imperial Baths?"

With patience in our luggage, we wait for the right moments: Filming in and with nature just takes time - the sun only occasionally makes its way through the cloud wall. But it's worth it. We capture the few rays of sunshine struggling through the overcast autumn sky. They make the Baltic Sea sparkle and make us smile. moments for eternity.

Sacrifices have to be made for good film material: So it is Chris who quickly climbs into the ice-cold water. I feel relieved not to be the one standing in the icy sea. Just thinking about it makes my hair stand up and I feel my feet stinging

The leaves cover the forest floor like a carpet, I find myself in a rain of leaves. When leaves are being thrown at me, I have a hard time staying serious. Luckily, these scenes aren't limited to attempts, as the sun keeps falling through the branches of the trees.

I get a different perspective of my hometown when we fly the drone and I get to see the area from above. This is how it must be from a bird's point of view, everything becomes so small and it seems as if the world stands still for a moment. I spend a wonderful time with the two boys, which flies by. We capture the most beautiful moments for eternity and soon we can share them with you. Be curious.