Pleasure can be so easy

Early in the morning, when most of the locals and vacationers are still lying in their warm bunks, the fishermen and their cutters head out to sea. Just a few hours later, they offer the catch, the reward for their own labor, for sale in the rustic fisherman's huts in the dunes. Fresh fish is part of the identity of our island, but not only Bismarck or Matjes gets between the gills.

Although fish, in all shapes and colors, often plays the leading role on restaurant menus, other regional delicacies and varied delicacies are also served. Whether down-to-earth or refined, whether salty or sweet - the coast and the hinterland of the imperial baths impress friends of culinary delights not only with fish rolls to hand, but also with course menus in gourmet gastronomy and cake enjoyment in the garden café. The chefs also put the pleasure on the plate for fans of low carb, defenders of superfood, voluntary vegetarians or dieters plagued by intolerance.

And if you get a taste for it, then take a piece of the island home with you. Whether natural juices, freshly roasted coffee, home-brewed beer, high-proof distillates, the finest cheese or cold-pressed oils. On our island there is the homemade piece of happiness.

Your host:
Confectionery & Café Roentgen

Treat yourself to a piece of German-French confectionery art. Cakes, pastries and chocolates, each made by hand, await you at Café Röntgen in Ahlbeck. Enjoy the best quality from the house of Roentgen on the sun terrace or in the heavenly flowered inner courtyard of the Hotel Villa Auguste Viktoria. Of course you will also find hearty dishes and fine wines on offer.

cafe roentgen

Classic Confectionery & Café Roentgen
at the Hotel Villa Auguste Viktoria
Bismarckstrasse 1-2
17419 Ahlbeck seaside resort

Our culinary delights


In the imperial baths, of course, not everything revolves around the fish, although the fish sandwich can probably be considered the national dish. But in addition to Matjes & Co., other regional foods are also on the plate - from honey and oils to juices and spreads, cheese and meat to beer and spirits, not only do numerous shops offer local specialties for sale, you can also find them in the kitchens used by restaurateurs.


The fine dining in the gourmet and star kitchen promises great pleasure in the Kaise baths. In the Michelin Guide you will find one or the other address on our island that will send you on culinary journeys with creative dishes. Two of them are in the Imperial Baths – Kulmeck by Tom Wickboldt and O'Room in the Strandcasino. Both addresses offer a rather relaxed atmosphere and modern cuisine.


Whether traditional or Mediterranean, vegetarian or vegan - in the imperial baths there are delights for every palate. During your stay in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin you can enjoy culinary experiences from home-style cooking to Far Eastern dishes every day. Enjoy your meal.