NEW! The Radgeber - your companion for cycling and hiking


Attention cyclists and hikers! Are you passionate about pedaling or exploring nature on foot and would you like to pursue this during your holiday in the Imperial Spas without having to spend a long time searching for suitable routes? Then our new one wheel encoder is just the thing for you!

As part of a training project, our three trainees at the Imperial Baths, Lisa, Lilly and Luca, have developed a cycling and hiking brochure for the island of Usedom with tour suggestions that all start in the Imperial Baths.
"We would like to bring the beauty and diversity of our region closer to our guests" - how exactly this project came about and what you can do in the wheel encoder expected, the three will now report to you:

How did the idea for the brochure come about?

"Knowing that in the second year of our apprenticeship as a tourism and leisure clerk we will be given the task of creating a range of tourism services, we took a closer look at the needs of our guests during our work in the tourist information offices . We noticed that the demand for information, especially about cycling, but also about hiking in the imperial baths and the surrounding area is very high, although the abundance of information material can be expanded. This is how the first basic idea came about.”


What is the intention behind the product?

“The island of Usedom and the area around the imperial baths is a paradise for true nature lovers that absolutely must be seen! We would like to show the diversity of the region to the guests and, of course, also to interested locals on the varied circular tours. Furthermore, we would like to encourage you to leave your car behind during your Usedom holiday and explore the area by bike or on foot and thus protect the environment.”


What can guests expect at the Radgeber?

“All in all, the user of the brochure has twelve circular tours, i.e. eight cycling tours and four hiking tours, at his disposal. The motto of the tours is: "The journey is the reward!". Although some cultural highlights can also be discovered, the focus is on exploring the beautiful nature. In addition to the information from the brochure, there is a digital version of each tour on the portal outdoor active, for everyone who would like to see their route directly on their smartphone.”

And, have you already felt like cycling and hiking?

What hurdles had to be overcome when creating the wheel encoder?

"Since we have developed tours for everyone, including some for the pros and cyclists among us, we often reached our physical limits when riding the trails. Added to this were the bad weather conditions, which made it difficult to create attractive images.
Since it was also a school project and a deadline for completion was set, the time limit was a major challenge for everyone involved. But in the end we overcame the hurdles and are happy with the result. At this point we would also like to thank everyone involved who contributed to the successful implementation.”


What is the highlight of the brochure for you?

“By creating the brochure, we also had the opportunity to look at our island from a different perspective and even to discover some new corners. Since each tour is beautiful in its own way, it's pretty hard to pinpoint one, but we've all picked a favorite tour. Take a look at the wheel encoder and find out which ones!”


Where can the product be purchased?

"The Radgeber is expected to be available from Easter, but no later than mid-April 2023, in all three tourist information offices of the imperial baths and in the Online-Shop available. The tourist information staff will be happy to help you with any questions.”