Europe's first spa and healing forest - What is there to discover here?

Health and healing forest © Henry Böhm
Health and healing forest Henry Boehm

As early as 1900, the Heringsdorf coastal forest was integrated into the fashionable bathing culture of the nobility and former aristocracy of the time: tennis courts in the shade of the beeches, a riding facility in the clearing and a dense network of hiking trails lured the illustrious society away from the hot beach and into the cool forest.

The soothing stimulating climate, the result of the unique combination of sea and forest air, defines our Heringsdorfer Forst as an inimitable natural remedy. Its healing powers help in particular with diseases of the respiratory tract, the skin and the musculoskeletal system - but it is also beneficial for the psyche. On an area of ​​187 hectares, his super powers are used consciously.

The spa and healing forest has a few surprises in store for its guests: different terrain, integrated stations and historical sites. The paths over hill and dale are interrupted here and there by motor or sensory paths, lead to the President's Mountain or to the plant garden and cross the stone table or the Bismarck lookout point.

The Heringsdorf spa and healing forest offers everyone relaxation and activity: from short to long distances, from exercise to accessibility, for old and young. The municipality of Heringsdorf and the Pool Association of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania took on a pioneering role for this project, which began in 2015: "The development of the natural resource forest for use as a therapeutic agent". The Heringsdorfer Forst in particular offered and offers itself as a spa and healing forest: The beech, which is particularly common in this area, is not only a shade provider, air humidifier and climate improver - it is with its ability to keep the air free of germs and low in dust true natural wonder. So it is no coincidence that the spa and healing forest as such promotes health and alleviates illnesses.