Ferris wheel Circle of Life on the event site in Heringsdorf

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Modern white look, spectacular 50 meters high, 36 closed gondolas and full LED lighting: "Circle of Life - The Ferris Wheel - Experience" stands from May 17st to October 15st 2023 or on the Event site next to the pier in the Baltic Sea resort of Heringsdorf and will delight visitors with unique views.

"Circle of Life" is one of the largest transportable Ferris wheels in the world. Other special features of this mobile Ferris wheel are, in addition to its size and the modern gondolas, its small footprint of 25 by 17 meters and very short assembly and dismantling times. Due to the solid steel construction, it is a very safe ride that can still be operated even with a wind load of 4+. 15.000 LED lights ensure an atmospheric and varied look.
The official opening is on Wednesday, May 17th at 12:00 p.m. Then the “circle of life” will daily from 11:00 a.m. turn and offers fascinating far-reaching views over the imperial baths of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf, Bansin and from the Achterland to the wide Baltic Sea.

The "Circle of Life", built in 2021, has 36 closed, air-conditioned gondolas and 8 passengers per cabin can float in the air. It is a special experience for the whole family, because even small children are allowed to ride here accompanied by adults. It also offers barrier-free travel so that people with disabilities or in a wheelchair can experience a ride on the Ferris wheel, as all gondolas have been designed to be barrier-free.

Mehr Informationen: www.riesenrad-erlebnis.de