Healthy Baltic Sea air, fresh sea water and healing spa forests

The sun island. The name is no coincidence. She delights our island for more than two thousand hours, year after year. But the island of Usedom is not only kissed by the sun.

Whether water, forest or wellness - the salty breeze, the pleasant climate and the local remedies are balm for the soul and healing for the body. Even the ancient Greeks appreciated the soothing effects of the sea and knew about the true treasures of the sea: aerosols, algae, sand and silt. They created the epitome of the therapeutic effects of seawater: thalasso [the sea]. And since the Baltic Sea is the capital of our island, the imperial baths are also blessed with these treasures.

The nobility and upper class of the late 19th and early 20th century already enjoyed the summer resorts on the Baltic Sea, built residences by the sea and recovered from the urban jungle.

How could people not be happier on the Baltic Sea beach? Crowds of digging kids and lounging sunbathers prove it year after year, either returning to their favorite island or falling in love with it freshly. After all, we all know that a day at the beach is much more than breathing aerosols or smelling seaweed. Even without science, we feel that a day at the beach makes you happier than everyday life in the office. But with science we get it in black and white: regular time out by the sea reduces the stress level and the risk of heart attack, alleviates symptoms of burnout and depression, prevents sleep disorders and stabilizes the immune system.

But although the coast offers the ideal climatic conditions for climate hikes, Nordic walking and Co., there is also the opportunity to jump into the salty water beyond the dunes and forget the hectic everyday life. Just imagine walking through a lush green forest, the undergrowth crunching under your feet, the air smells of damp earth, the wind is rustling through the fresh leaves and birds are chirping in the treetops...

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Beach Hotel Heringsdorf

You can't live any closer to the beach. The family-run Strandhotel Heringsdorf is located directly on the beach promenade, only 30 m from the sandy Baltic Sea beach. Enjoy the beautiful view, the pure air, the endless white beach and this very special light on the sea. And of course the sun, which shines more for you here than anywhere else in the country!

Beach Hotel Heringsdorf

Beach Hotel Heringsdorf
Liehrstrasse 10
17424 Seebad Heringsdorf

Our remedies


Sun worshipers and water lovers alike will get their money's worth in the imperial baths. While the sun shines on the island for an average of 2.000 hours a year, the Baltic Sea offers the possibility of balneological treatments. The composition of the fresh Baltic Sea water largely corresponds to the composition of human blood. The trace elements and minerals from the sea, both in the water and in the air, are absorbed through the skin and respiratory tract and thus have a positive effect on countless complaints. In addition to sea water, the Heringsdorf iodine brine is also a natural healing spring. It is extracted as a 4,1 percent sodium chloride solution from a depth of 408 meters and, in contrast to Baltic Sea water, is also used internally.


Whether climate hike or Nordic walking, whether sports beach or active promenade - the movement, climatic factors and surf aerosols not only promote the immune system, but also muscles and endurance. While you can steel your body on your own in our open-air fitness studios, team play is strengthened on the sports beach with beach soccer, volleyball and beach tennis. Those who would like to take part in a course - whether yoga, qigong or back fitness - will also be well looked after here on the sports beach. Although you can only enjoy the courses with fine sand under your feet in summer, the OstseeTherme Usedom Aqua fitness, body fit and cross workout in the sports studio all year round.


After exerting yourself in the gym or having fun in the bathing world, you can relax in the OstseeTherme Usedom You can also relax in the saunas or with a massage. Of course, you can also relax by lounging in a beach chair or taking a walk through the beach Health and healing forest. Especially the latter impresses with one or the other positive effect on health: During a hike under the treetops, among other things, the respiratory tract, circulation and psyche are strengthened.