Health and eternal beauty from a depth of 408 meters


Ever heard of brine? The Heringsdorf iodine brine is the most important local remedy on the island of Usedom.
It is one of the few brine sources in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


But what actually is a brine? A brine is an aqueous solution of salts, especially sodium chloride (common salt). With a salt content of 4 percent, the Heringsdorf iodine brine classified as medium and constantly checked for safety.

Did you know that this mixture of salt and water is used to cure numerous diseases? These include, for example, diseases of the skin, the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and psychosomatic diseases, but also cardiovascular diseases and childhood diseases.

The history of the Heringsdorf brine fountain goes back to the end of the 19th century. According to oral tradition, the forerunner of today's well was located in the courtyard of the Hotel "Atlantic". Today, the brine is pumped in the well on the forecourt of the Heringsdorf pier. This has existed since 1928 and was sunk to a depth of 408 meters in the middle Jura. Pretty deep, right?

Why not just let yourself be pampered with the miracle from the depths? After all, the local remedy is approved as a drug and is also used as such and for wellness purposes. In the past, the mineral water was pumped through a pipe into what was then a warm bath and used there for full and partial baths, inhalations, drinking cures and mucous membrane showers. And what was possible back then is even more possible today. With the opening of OstseeTherme Usedom in 1996 a successor to the former warm and medicinal baths was built. The healing water is extracted from the well at a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and transported to the thermal baths via a 1,5 km long route. In the three out of six pools that are enriched with iodine brine, the water temperature is significantly higher, because at 17 degrees you couldn't fully enjoy the beneficial effect of the brine. Did you know that the brine concentration here is only 1 percent? Nevertheless, the therapeutic effectiveness is maintained at this value.

A lot is done with the Heringsdorf iodine brine in the OstseeTherme. Among other things, there are brine infusions and brine washes several times a day in the bathing and sauna world. There is a drinking fountain in the Kurmittelhaus, but individual inhalations are also offered.

The iodine brine is a real all-rounder! As a source of health and beauty, it promotes blood circulation in the body, has an anti-irritant effect and smoothes the skin, making it ideal for cosmetic applications. Therefore, the OstseeTherme also offers a care product, which is obtained from the Heringsdorf iodine brine: the Brine cream. However, on the basis of a historical recipe, Sole candies developed. In conjunction with the addition of herbs and vitamins, they bring relief from coughs and hoarseness, for example. So try one of the many different offers with the Heringsdorf iodine brine. With us in Online-Shop you can purchase the products directly, even if you are not on site.

Has the miracle cure already had an effect on you?

However, we are not the first to have discovered this healing brine source. According to the legend of Thalata, the princess of the sea of ​​the same name came across the Heringsdorf iodine brine many thousands of years ago. She took a bath in the spring water and felt reborn. Her daily bath kept her young and beautiful forever. It wasn't long before people flocked from all over to feel the power of the miracle spring.

Whether this legend is true or not cannot be determined with certainty. The fact is that the Heringsdorf iodine brine is actually a real miracle source. Pay a visit to the Imperial Baths and see for yourself the special effect of the spring water.