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Relax & enjoy

Spend the golden hours at the end of the day on the beach at our unique LED wall in the sea next to the Heringsdorf pier.

True to the motto “relax, dance & enjoy” you will experience unforgettable and magical moments in a relaxed atmosphere with your feet in the sand and a unique view of the sea. The natural spectacle competes with the performances of artists from music, photography, film and dance - there is something for everyone and makes the relaxation experience perfect.

silent disco 12

Sandpiper barefoot concerts

Feet in the sand, the Baltic Sea waves in sight and your favorite song in your ear, played live and directly on the beach at a barefoot concert while the sun slowly sets behind the dunes. It is precisely these moments that creep into your feel-good memory and stay with you.

Silent disco

Dancing through the summer night with headphones in the open air on the beach - at this extraordinary dance event, three DJs simultaneously inspire their audience via headphones with different and selectable music styles. From party music, hits and charts to the 90s, electro, rock, hip-hop and alternative music, there is something for every musical taste. A party where people dance wildly but apparently silently and outsiders are amused by the bizarre sight.

Dance workshop - Salsa on the Beach

Dance is an expression of joy of life and a sense of rhythm. While dancing we can learn to know and love our body language and find new ways of communicating without words.

Salty Humans

At the highest musical level, with a great sense for the right groove and great spontaneity, the three musicians of SALZUFER create imaginative, progressive and beautiful, intense soundscapes with their own sound - honest and original. With SALZUFER, the music always has something to do with letting go.

Photographing people is a challenge that is always exciting for the photographer. Because it's not just the people in front of the camera with their faces and their personality traits that are changeable and diverse. their expression and style, but also the genre of human photography itself.

During this year's, filmmakers will travel to the villages and beaches of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a large selection of films. They will bring with them the best short films from this year and previous years.

Pictures in the sea: live photo show

Discover Usedom as only a few know it. Take a seat in one of our sun loungers and enjoy the breathtaking images from Usedom photographers. Guest photographers complement the program with interesting topics and spectacular images. Live music and an entertaining presentation make the photo show an extraordinary experience.

dream trips

Healing effect through the frequencies in Goldraum's music: In music productions and live sessions, the music not only serves as beautiful background music but also enhances the effect of relaxation. The body unconsciously adopts certain frequencies and the vibrations are transmitted to the entire organism.

More highlights of the year

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