NEW: Discover the Imperial Baths adventure trail and immerse yourself in history

Image Villa Anna and stele

With the Kaiserbäder adventure trail guests can now experience the Baltic Sea resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin on their own. Since April 2023, a total of 28 display steles have been installed at places steeped in history. The wooden steles with the blue shield give in combination with the associated App Stories from bygone times.

With great attention to detail and with the cooperation of the historical association, each of the oak steles has become a small piece of jewelry that provides an exciting insight into the history and who's who of the illustrious imperial spa guests over the decades. A special highlight of the new tour are digital interactions, which make it possible to experience the sights and interesting personalities up close as a selfie, picture gallery, interactive video, 3D model or 360° panorama. These interactions are after downloading the Imperial Baths Adventure Trail App accessible via a QR code and/or so-called geo-fencing on mobile devices. The app also offers other practical functions. For example, different locations can be controlled individually or by given topics, e.g. B. "Bäderarchitektur" can be combined to form a "guided" tour.

Go on a discovery tour through the history of the imperial baths on foot or by bike and get a variety of impressions at your own pace. Let one of the protagonists tell you stories about the Villa Fontane or the Bleichröder residence. Or enjoy the digital panoramic view from the Seven Lakes observation tower in Sallenthin, including explanations of the lakes. The "Poet and Thinker Tour" brings together a considerable number of personalities such as Lyonel Feininger, Maxim Gorki, Hermann Berthold, Manfred von Ardenne or the most famous son of the community, the writer Hans-Werner Richter.

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On your tour of the imperial baths, please scan the QR code on the respective stele from within the app.