spa tax

That you during your stay and vacation sea. Experience. The Imperial Baths Card makes sure of that. With it you not only make an important contribution to the maintenance and further development of the tourist infrastructure, but also get more advantages and experiences during the best time of the year.

your contribution I As state-recognized seaside resorts, Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin levy a resort tax, upon payment of which you receive the so-called Imperial Baths Card. The proceeds flow into the areas of information, cleanliness, security and culture. Last but not least, the pot is used to finance concerts and events, cleaning the beach and public toilets, maintaining and planting the promenade and providing and paying for the water rescue service. As a guest, you benefit from the visitor's tax retrospectively.

Your benefits I With the KaiserbaederCard you get numerous experiences such as concerts, guided tours and hikes free of charge. You can also use our Imperial Baths sports beach in the summer months and our active promenades all year round free of charge. In addition, the Imperial Baths Card offers the opportunity to use the entire bus route network of the Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB) from the Imperial Baths to Wolgast and Lubmin for free.* Do you want to experience the highlights of the island? Then go on an island discovery tour: Whether it's backwater or backcountry, fishing villages or northern bathing resorts - the Imperial Baths Card and the UBB will also take you to the remote corners of our beautiful island.

numbers and receive I Overnight guests receive their KaiserbaederCard directly from the landlord upon payment of the spa tax, day guests can purchase them in the tourist information or conveniently draw them from the spa card machines.

Please keep your KaiserbadeCard with you at all times. It must be shown during inspections.

Since April 1, 2019, the spa card has been the Imperial Baths Card. It is therefore a ticket for the entire bus route network of the Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB)*.

Every guest of the Imperial Baths will receive their Imperial Baths Card after paying the spa tax. It serves as a ticket for the entire UBB regional bus network - both on the island of Usedom and in the city of Wolgast, as well as between Wolgast and Lubmin. You can use it to travel between the imperial baths with the Usedom Bäderbahn buses or use them for excursions to the highlights of the island - for example with the backwater tour on the trail of the sea eagle or with the Haff tour on a trip to the picturesque shipping villages such as Kamminke. But the KaiserbaederCard offers numerous other advantages.

* Except line 271 Wolgast-Greifswald; Excluded are all bus trips before 09:00 a.m

Advantages of the
Imperial Baths Card at a glance:
Free receipt of a map of the imperial baths
Are you looking for a sight or an event location? Our local map showing Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin will be happy to help you.
Free visit to numerous events in the imperial baths
Whether music, festival or market - with the Imperial BathsCard the doors to numerous events in the Imperial Baths are open to you. From the winter beach chair festival in January to the magical winter world in December, you can experience events free of charge in the Imperial Baths every month of the year with the Imperial Baths Card.
Free use of the sports facilities in the imperial baths
While the active promenades on the promenade in Ahlbeck can be used free of charge all year round, which offer obstacles and challenges for muscle strength and endurance, the sports beach of the Imperial Baths opens its doors in summer, where numerous offers can be used free of charge upon presentation of the Imperial Baths Card.* *Excluding courses external provider
Free local tours and hikes in the imperial baths
Whether it's a climate, promenade or forest hike or a historical stroll through Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin - with presentation of the Imperial Baths Card you can take part in the local tours and hikes in the Imperial Baths free of charge.
Free use of the public toilets in the Imperial Baths
There are 22 public toilets on the kilometer-long promenade from the Polish border in Ahlbeck to the Langen Berg in Bansin, 15 of which are handicapped accessible.
Free provision of dog bags in the imperial baths
At the four dog beaches in the Imperial Baths, furry friends can play, bathe and lounge around to their heart's content. However, in order for people and dogs to get along smoothly, there is not only an obligation in the imperial baths to leash your four-legged friend, but also to remove his legacies. For the second, dispensers with free dog bags are available at the numerous public toilets.

According to the statutes of the municipality of Ostseebad Heringsdorf on the levying of a spa tax, the following tax amounts are set per day. Children up to the age of 10 are exempt from the visitor's tax with appropriate proof. A reduction in the visitor's tax is granted for children from the age of 11 up to the age of 16 with appropriate proof.
April 01nd to October 31th & 27. December to 02. January
€ / day
€ / day
November 01rd to December 26st & January 03rd to March 31st
€ / day
€ / day
* Exemptions and reductions
  1. Children up to the age of 10 (up to their 10th birthday) are exempt from the tourist tax if they can prove their age.
  2. Parents, children, grandchildren or siblings of people who have their habitual residence in the survey area are exempt from the tourist tax.
  3. Children from the age of 11 (from the 1st day after their 10th birthday) up to the age of 16 (up to their 16th birthday) are granted a reduction in the visitor's tax. Upon proof of age.