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Events in the Imperial Baths - These are not just spectacular experiences such as Baltic Lights, the International Cabaret Festival or the Kitesurf Masters. It's also the hustle and bustle of the market on the promenade and the yoga class on the beach sand. There are concerts on the open-air stages and pictures in the sea. It is the imperial couple in the present and the spa architecture in focus. There are films about history and guided tours through time. And if that's not enough for you, you can still go to the sea. Experience. - From theater and cabaret to summer and bridge festivals to the Christmas market and the winter world.



Feet in the sand, the Baltic Sea waves in sight and your favorite song in your ear, played live and directly on the beach at a barefoot concert while the sun slowly sets behind the dunes. It is precisely these moments that creep into your feel-good memory and stay with you.

There are a large number of such special music events in the imperial baths. The selection ranges from classic to pop, from danceable to extraordinary. At the Use-tube, promising newcomers get the chance to present their freshly composed music and at the Imperial Baths Summer Open Air we bring the stars of the music scene directly to the Heringsdorf pier.

There are several stages on which the sounds and beats make your heart beat faster, encourage you to swing along or simply encourage you to enjoy listening. From duo to big band, from shanty to rock, from gospel to soul and jazz - the open-air concert stages in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin are places where music fans go in summer. If you like it more contemplative and subtle, you can enjoy special music evenings in the garden of Villa Irmgard

There are also various function rooms. In the Imperial Baths Hall, which can accommodate a good 600 people, the glamorous charm of the Imperial Era comes to life again with its boxes. High-tech, it offers the ideal space for variety shows and balls, plays and musicals. Smaller musical highlights also sneak into the ears in Bansin in the guest house and in the Hans Werner Richter house, but also into the memory.

Special music events take place throughout the year. The Usedom Jazz Festival and the Usedom Music Festival have been a tradition for many decades. Their good reputation extends far beyond the borders of the island. Renowned jazz greats, but also stars of classical music, like to come to the imperial baths again and again.


The artists and the sea. It's probably a timeless love. From the very beginning, painters, draftsmen, sculptors and photographers were fascinated by the special light in the imperial baths, which makes the faces of the villas shine in the morning and which settles like lead on the Baltic Sea in the afternoon.

One of its most famous representatives was the painter and graphic artist Lyonel Feininger. Today his painted island impressions hang in Paris, Madrid and New York. Feininger himself was passionate about riding his racing bike across the island. The Feininger Tour - designed as a bike tour - combines 80 of his favorite motifs. Many of the 40 tour stations can be found in the imperial baths.

But not only artists have found inspiration for their works with us. Art lovers will also find what they are looking for in the imperial baths. Because the works of several artists can also be viewed directly on site.

The Villa Irmgard in Heringsdorf and the Haus des Gastes in Bansin host exhibitions of current artists every year. The concept includes painting, graphics, sculpture and photography. In addition, the Villa Irmgard invites you to try your hand as an artist in painting courses.

A large number of small galleries and studios such as the Köpp Gallery, the Photo Prosa and Sea Gallery or the Book Art Gallery invite you to browse, discover and fall in love. The glass art pavilion, in which changing exhibitions and the Usedom art auction also take place, is located directly on the Heringsdorf Promenade.

The Week of Resort Architecture in September every year puts the wonderfully renovated villas in a very special light. Here, the magnificent summer residences of the former Berlin chic crowd become works of art themselves when they are used to project fantastic light images every evening. The week is framed by tours, lectures, art installations and music.


Share the excitement with film heroes, celebrate goals, let yourself be enchanted by fascinating worlds of images - immerse yourself in a cinema world with a dream backdrop.

Right next to the Heringsdorf pier is probably the most unusual cinema on the coast. Because the 43 square meter LED wall is in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The imperial baths invite you to blockbusters and film classics in summer. For the perfect sound, every viewer with the cinema ticket receives wireless headphones for a deposit. Exciting and unique. Because while they dig their feet into the warm beach sand while watching, the sky turns pink at sunset.



On the LED wall in the sea there are not only movies to see. Several times a week, Usedom lovers can rediscover or rediscover the island in fascinating pictures taken by local photographers. "Pictures in the Sea" is also the name of the media show. During international football matches, the beach even transforms into a lively, colorful public viewing area. Is there a nicer setting to celebrate goals?

The venerable Villa Irmgard offers a suitable background for historical films and multimedia shows. Those who like to travel through time or follow artistic and cultural paths will be whisked away to earlier seaside resort times by the villa in Heringsdorf, but also by the Hans Werner Richter House in Bansin with historical film screenings and lectures.


When the lights on the walls slowly dim and the red curtain rises, the stage becomes the world and you inevitably slip into someone else's imagination, letting yourself be enchanted by new images, touched by heart-rending stories.

The boards that mean the world... In the imperial baths you can find them every summer from May to September right behind the dune in the Chapeau Rouge, the red theater tent on the Heringsdorf Promenade. Since 1991 it has housed the Vorpommersche Landesbühne. And every year there is a new, colorful program of drama, comedy and cabaret. Children's theater and readings by well-known authors are just as much a part of it as small but fine concerts.

"Set free" is the motto for various theater productions and guest performances by various cabaret stages such as the "Leipziger Pfeffermühle", the "Dresdner Kaktusblüten" or renowned solo cabaret artists at other locations in the imperial baths. In the Villa Irmgard or on balmy summer evenings in her garden, in the Kaiserbadessaal in Heringsdorf and in the Bansiner house of the guest, the imagination and the laughing muscles are also trained and reanimated.

Or how about a spectator backdrop made of 150-year-old beeches? Too extraordinary? Not for us. Because we even have theaters in the forest. Various theater programs take place in our spa and healing forest. With the stories from and about the forest, children and adults alike can be carried off into adventurous worlds at the stone table. And a visit to the theater in the forest theater is also healing and relaxing.

Selected Literature

"A three-and-a-half-hour train ride and you'll find a beautiful hotel and villa district right on the lake," writes the writer Thomas Mann. While it used to be Theodor Fontane, Lew Tolstoy, Maxim Gorki or Thomas Mann who were only too happy to let their eyes wander over the beautiful villa facades and the Baltic Sea waves, today it is bestselling authors, poetry slamers and even Nobel Prize winners in literature such as Olga Tokarczuk and Herta Müller, who like to stop by the imperial baths for a chat about literature and the view over the sea.

The Usedom Literature Days are a magnet for literature lovers and writers every spring. Well-known authors and journalists present themselves and their works to the public in various readings and panel discussions. Not only the guests are exquisite and extraordinary. The places where the events take place are also special.

Whether it's the Imperial Baths Hall, the nave or the fireplace room of a hotel - they all have their own charm and give the Literature Days an atmosphere that can only be found on Usedom.

In addition, the Villa Irmgard in Heringsdorf, the Hans Werner Richter House in Bansin and the Haus des Gastes on the Bansiner Seebrücke invite you to entertaining and interesting reading and poetry evenings all year round. Join the crime writer on the trail of the murderer, dream of the sea in poetic stories or chat with the meteorology expert about his latest book and, by the way, about the weather. With us, there are no limits to your imagination and love of stories.


Sport and vacation – this goes together in the imperial baths like a beach chair goes together with the beach. If you want to keep fit and healthy during your Baltic Sea break, you can choose between many different offers.

The Kaiserbade sports beach between Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts. Here you can roll out the yoga mat in the morning and start the day with a sea view session or paddle out onto the glittering Baltic Sea with the stand up paddle board. Romance bonus included. But there are also plenty of body fit courses for late risers. Have you ever played beach tennis, beach volleyball or beach soccer? Off to the sports beach! Here you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people with whom you can have fun together.

If you want to train your muscles and improve your coordination, you have the best opportunity to do so at two locations directly behind the dunes on the active promenade in Ahlbeck. Dexterity, brain jogging, but also leg and arm-hard muscle work are required on the outdoor equipment.

All year round there are sports events to cheer on and experience. Be there when the popular wicker furniture is heaved like a champion through the competition arena at the Winter Beach Chair Festival, when boards race across the Baltic Sea as fast as an arrow at the Kite Surf Masters or cuddly huskies compete in exciting sled dog races at the Baltic Lights. Special events such as the Glow Volleyball Tournament or the Beach Tennis Tournament even invite everyone to take part.

For all ice cream lovers, on the other hand, the sports season only begins when the ice cream parlors close and the ice arena sets up its gangs. From November to March it's time to do dizzying pirouettes and chase the puck on lightning-fast runners. The artificial ice rink on the Heringsdorf Promenade is 1.800 m² in size and has ice skate rentals.

But it doesn't matter whether you make your sticks glow on the Nordic walking tours across the imperial baths landscapes, browse through the places while geocaching in search of the next clue or cycle from vantage point to vantage point on the Feininger tour : There are many exciting ways to discover the imperial baths for yourself in a sporty way.


It's not just the view of the sea that broadens our horizons. Discover the imperial baths and the small towns in the idyllic hinterland in many ways and get to know Pomerania and life on the coast up close.

On a promenade walk through Ahlbeck, the passionate history lover Werner John knows a lot about the old seaside spa and its inhabitants. His wife Eva John, on the other hand, likes to invite people on tours through the fashionable Heringsdorf. In doing so, she reveals many a secret about the often prominent personalities who have spent and continue to spend their holidays in the magnificent villas. You can experience very special tours with the crime author Elke Pupke. She knows the smallest and youngest of the three seaside resorts very well. Because Elke Pupke is not only a bestselling author, but also a Bansin veteran. Individually guided tours by bike, minibus or Kremser can of course also be booked on site and give unique insights into the places, the landscape and life on the island.

The Adler Reederei offers views and visions of a completely different kind. Change your perspective and go on board one of the excursion boats. While you rock gently over the waves and the fresh Baltic Sea wind blows your head clear, you always have the spa villas along the promenade in view on a boat trip from pier to pier.

Anyone who loves nature is in the right place in the imperial baths. Because here there is not only the dreamlike beach for relaxation, but also beautiful forests. Did you know that our spa and healing forest is a real health studio? Scientific studies show that being in the forest has a positive effect on the immune system and the psyche. Find out for yourself and go along when the district forester invites you to a forest hike. Health tips and hearty, hearty health exercises from the bizarre Mr. Böswetter are included for free. For those who like to pick mushrooms and herbs, there are regular walks with local experts.

The fire brigade tours and our torchlight hikes on the beach are always an experience for young and old. Because this is where little heroes and great treasure hunters are born.


Sand animal tamers, air mattress pirates, shell treasure hunters - they prefer to spend the whole day on the beach, diving for sunken Baltic Sea riches or digging each other up to their necks in the warm sand. Wide, fine sand and well guarded by the attentive teams of lifeguards, the beach at the Imperial Baths is ideal for all Baltic Sea adventures.

In addition, there is always something going on with us. Who builds the most beautiful, scariest or most unusual beach sand monsters in the sand figure competition? Or which beach detective knows what animals there are in the Baltic Sea? With net and bucket, the little explorers get to the bottom of the Baltic Sea, examine the fascinating water world and find out whether moon jellyfish really have ears, mussels are bad or why garbage doesn't belong in the sea.

Fun and games aren't just on the beach. Playgrounds, miniature golf courses, puppet theatres, fairy tale tree readings, flashlight concerts: you can also experience exciting things behind the dunes. With detective geocaching, even clever puzzle solvers will start pondering on the electronic treasure hunt through the imperial baths. Every year in autumn, the family weeks take place with kite and children's festivals, countless lights at the magic park and much more.

And what if the sun shines in the form of drops from the sky and the Baltic Sea wind bites your nose with icy teeth? On such days it is best to splash around in the OstseeTherme Usedom. In three of the six pools, the water is even as salty as in the Baltic Sea thanks to the 1 percent iodine brine.

Other Categories

You know what the perfect day looks like for an island kid? Sitting on the beach and looking at the sea. If you get a little bored, there is a remedy. Because with us, in addition to sea watching, wave counting and shell pushing, there is always something exciting and entertaining on offer.

If you want to spice up your holiday relaxation with a good dose of adrenaline and also like to be dazzled, you can take a tandem jump and take a look at our beautiful island from far up. Every summer, the Mecklenburg Parachute Club organizes the Usedom Boogie at Heringsdorf Airport. If you have the courage and desire, you can book a parachute jump there and, if the weather is good, you can even land directly on the beach.

Those who prefer to feel beach sand under their feet can give their taste buds an absolute high at the Grand Schlemm every year on Saturday after Ascension Day at various culinary beach stations. Because at the Grand Schlemm, the best chefs in the imperial baths create a menu that makes food lovers lick all ten fingers. Fine dining with sea views.

Relaxing and enjoying is also on the agenda of many hotels and beach chair rental companies. With small but fine events, they invite you to indulge and linger. During the concert summer, the churches lure visitors into their rooms for extraordinary experiences, mostly of a musical nature.

The most brilliant highlight of the year, however, are the large fireworks that are lit at midnight on New Year's Eve at the three piers. For the little guests, the family fireworks traditionally go up into the sky at 17 p.m.