Happiness is – sun on your face, wind in your hair and salt on your skin. And in the imperial baths there is happiness for everyone. Whether it's a walker or a stroller, a white cane or a dog leash - in the imperial baths the possibilities for trip-free beach access, family-friendly culinary delights and dog-friendly accommodation are constantly growing.

Are you traveling with impairments or disabilities, children or pets? We know that you think more, plan more precisely and prepare purposefully - we are not only happy to help you with information, but are also at your side with advice and action.

With a handicap

Barrier-free access to the beach12 barrier-free beach accesses lead over the dunes and the sand with stepless planks and rubber mats. In Ahlbeck the beach exits are 1A2, 1K. 1M, 1N, 1P, 1R, 1X and 1Y are handicapped-friendly and exits 1G and 1Z are barrier-free. In Heringsdorf, beach exits 2F, 2K and 2R are handicapped-friendly, exits 2I and 2Y are barrier-free. In Bansin, beach exits 3D, 3F, 3G, 3H and 3L are handicapped-friendly, exit 3I is barrier-free. Whether it's an exhibition in the art pavilion, theater in the Chapeau Rouge or sports in the OstseeTherme Usedom – Even away from the beaches, there should be no obstacles in your way.

Barrier-free beach chairs | At the Ostseeplatz in Ahlbeck (beach exit 1/S), at the Fischerstrand in Heringsdorf (exit 2/R) and at the height of the Hotel Kaiser Wilhelm in Bansin (beach exit 3/F) there are barrier-free beach chairs available to borrow.

Disabled toilets | From the Polish border in Ahlbeck to Langen Berg in Bansin, 15 of the 22 public toilets along the promenade are handicap accessible. You will find the disabled toilets in Ahlbeck at exits 1A5, 1E, 1L, 1N, 1R and 1Z; in Heringsdorf at exits 2D, 2G, 2K, 2R and 2T and in Bansin at exits 3A, 3C, 3I and 3J.

Disabled Accommodations | Whether holiday apartment or hotel, a wide range of guesthouses and holiday homes have adapted to guests with disabilities.

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Accessible Excursions | It brings day trippers barrier-free to the island's back country and to Świnoujście in Poland.

Accessible Information | Whether Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf or Bansin, all three tourist information offices are of course barrier-free. Our employees will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

With child

While the parents relax in the beach chair or laze around in the sun, the Buddelkasten called Strand is heaven on earth for sloppy castle architects, beachcombers and Baltic Sea bathing mermaids. But should the sun not put out its warming feelers, there are also experiences to be discovered away from the dunes: whether on the playgrounds directly on the promenade, at the numerous events in the imperial baths or in the OstseeTherme Usedom.

Child-friendly beaches | The Imperial Baths Beach stretches 12 kilometers – lots of sand for lots of fun. Whether beach researchers, top scorer or summer cinema, the sandbox of the Baltic Sea has all kinds of adventures and experiences to offer in addition to kite flying, wave bathing and castle building.

Kid-Friendly Offers | Fairytale performances, puppet theatre, flashlight concerts, sandcastle competitions, geocaching, family weeks, tropical zoos, pirate playgrounds, kite festivals or slide paradises - the list is almost endless, just like the beach at the Imperial Baths.

Child-friendly Accommodations | Some hotels and guesthouses cater specifically to families.

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Kid-Friendly Trips | Whether in the hinterland of the imperial baths or in the neighboring regions of the island, the island of Usedom not only offers sun, beach and sea. A trip to the Health and healing forest or to the Sieben-Seen-Blick tower, a round of mini-golf or a pedal boat, through nature on an island safari or a boat trip across the Baltic Sea waves.

Child-friendly information | Our staff at the tourist information offices in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin are happy to provide tips for kids. The tourist information in Heringsdorf also houses a children's library.

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The Ahlbeck Hotel & Spa****s

Spending time together, forgetting everyday life while building Kleckerburgen, playing, splashing around and laughing - all of this is part of a perfect Baltic Sea holiday. In the modern 4-star superior design hotel, families can feel completely at home, experience wonderful moments, feast and simply have a good time. The 2.000 square meter wellness area with a large pool and various saunas invites you to relax. The SPA surprises little wellness fans as well as pregnant women with special offers.

The Ahlbeck

The Ahlbeck Hotel & Spa****s
Buss & Bohlen OHG
Dünenstrasse 48
17419 Ahlbeck seaside resort

With dog

Whether strolling through forests and meadows, frolicking on the endless sandy beach or swimming in the shallow surf of the Baltic Sea - man's best friend feels right at home in the imperial baths. In order to give guests with four-legged friends an overview, a special Dog flyer created. You can get this from the tourist information office.

Dog friendly beaches | Furry friends can play, swim and laze around to their heart's content on the four dog beaches in the Imperial Baths. Beach section 1/E in Ahlbeck, beach section 2/Y in Heringsdorf and beach section 3/L in Bansin are dog-friendly. From October 01st to April 30th, four-legged companions are also welcome on the other parts of the beach.

Dog-Friendly Game Rules | To ensure that people and dogs get along well together, there are a few rules that both furry friends and owners must follow in the Imperial Spas. Out of consideration for all guests and to protect our unique nature, there is not only an obligation in the imperial baths to leash your four-legged friend, but also to remove his legacies. Dog bags are available free of charge in the tourist information offices and in the public toilets.

Dog-friendly accommodations | A number of hosts in the imperial baths have adapted to the needs of furry friends.

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Dog Friendly Excursions | Whether by bus or train, your four-legged friend is of course also allowed on the Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB), but only with a muzzle. When traveling to our neighboring country Poland, in addition to the muzzle, a European vaccination certificate is required for your furry friend.

Dog Friendly Information | Our staff at the tourist information offices in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf or Bansin will be happy to provide you with dog-friendly information.

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