experience the beach

Miles of fine, snow-white beach sand - that is and remains the most attractive and tempting argument. The beach always strives to tempt people to idleness. It lies lazily in the blazing sun, and one or the other visitor does the same, whether lazing in a windless beach chair or stretched out on the warm, soft seashore. While the stately backdrop of the spa villas opens up behind him, the endless expanse of the Baltic Sea stretches out in front of him. As far as the eye can see. To the horizon. She is a capricious lover, they say. Sometimes crowned with white crests, sometimes polished smooth in the hot sun, sometimes whipped by a stiff breeze, sometimes frozen by the freezing weather. But nothing is as constant as the sea, with its deep blue, the sound of the waves and its distant view. Who wouldn't want to grab a box seat?

It's the twilight of the morning when nothing and nobody breaks the silence. It's the scent of sunscreen that's always in the air. It's the screeching of seagulls as they circle and soar on the breeze. These are sky blue days when castles grace the water's edge. It is the gold of the light that is reflected on the facades. It is the harshness of winter when the piers in the Baltic Sea freeze. It's children's laughter when kites fight with their strings. It's the familiarity of the sound as the waves pound the shore.

It is the all-encompassing sea that gives us unforgettable moments.

Our beaches


Almost twelve of a total of 42 kilometers of sandy beach belongs to the imperial baths. Whether with or without swimming trunks, wheelchair, dog or board: the beaches of the imperial baths - from the border beach in Ahlbeck to the steep coast in Bansin - offer the right beach for every type of person.


Every summer, the lifeguards of the German Red Cross watch over the beach from their 12 lifeguard towers. If the red and yellow flag flies there, the tower is occupied. If a red flag also flies, there is a general ban on bathing. A yellow flag symbolizes the bathing ban for inexperienced swimmers.


Whether Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf or Bansin - the Blue Flag has been flying on the beaches of the imperial baths for years: A seal of quality for good bathing water quality and environmentally friendly measures. The Blue Flag is awarded for one season at a time, so compliance with the standards for coastal protection, beach management and environmental education is checked anew every year.