Green, greener, imperial baths on the island of Usedom

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Experience the beauty of nature in its perfect form by going to the spa and healing forest in Heringsdorf. With an area of ​​187 hectares, this forest offers a unique combination of forest and maritime climate that can sound good for your health. Explore the numerous trails of varying difficulty that lead through the forest and discover the beauty of the trees wrapped in vines. The forest is also suitable for children as there is a playground with many stations and challenging areas where they can playfully discover the secrets of the forest. For those interested in history there are also many sights to discover, such as the Bismarck Observatory on the President's Hill, the Thingstätte and the Lehmkuhle. Also discover the beauty of the lakes west of Ahlbeck Baltic Sea resort of Heringsdorf · Bansin and the well-hidden Wolgastsee, which is particularly popular with anglers. Wrap up your angel and indulge in relaxation while enjoying the beauty of nature.

The island of Usedom has a fascinating, time-honored cultural landscape with characteristic forest types that have been cultivated by the local population for centuries. We find up to 48 different tree species on the entire island. However, the most frequently represented are the pines with 49%, the beech with 18%, the red alder with 9% and last but not least the oak with 5%. It can sometimes happen that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. Every forest has something mysterious, but once you have discovered a beautiful place in the forest and then the light of the rising sun breaks on the trunks and branches, the moment is unique. Pure nature!

Many small rivers stretching through the forests. Countless leaves, each one looking different in its own way. Whether alone, accompanied or with children - it never gets boring in our forests.
The famous Health and healing forest in Heringsdorf, which measures 187 hectares, is known for its unique combination of forest and maritime climate. In addition, it has a dense network of paths with different levels of difficulty and path lengths. The forest is accessible to everyone, even a signposted section of the forest can be reached without barriers.
For many, the spa and healing forest is a wonderful place of refuge, not only because you can recharge your batteries here and forget all the stress. The healing power of trees also has a positive effect on your health. Especially people with high blood pressure, respiratory problems, allergies or psychosomatic illnesses can gather new strength. Children don't miss out here either. A playground with many stations and different requirement areas awaits the little ones. Your child can discover the secrets of the forest in a playful way, as well as romp around, discover new things and be creative. There is also a lot to see for those interested in history, such as the Bismarck Observatory on the President's Mountain, the Thingstätte, the Steinerne Tisch and also the Lehmkuhle. There is so much to discover in the spa and healing forest - so let's go!

Not only in Ostseebad Heringsdorf, but also in Bansin along the steep coast, not only does the sea stretch as far as the eye can see, but also a forest area that is criss-crossed by sandy and leafy paths. The trees, entwined with tendrils, are a special feature here.

But the imperial baths not only have the Baltic Sea to offer. West of Ahlbeck Heringsdorf Bansin are four lakes: Schmollensee, Großer Krebssee, Kleiner Krebssee and Gothensee. All together form a unique landscape panorama. The Schloonsee has an approximate length of 750 meters, a width of 400 meters and an average depth of 3 meters. The Schmollensee, on the other hand, is 370 meters long and 200 meters wide, but about 6 meters deep.

Further south of Ahlbeck is another attraction on the island, a well-hidden body of water, the Wolgastsee. It is 1,4 kilometers long, 0,45 kilometers wide and 4,1 meters deep. This is particularly popular with anglers. Grab a boat, put your fishing rod in the water and relax.

In which "green places" of the imperial baths do you prefer to be?

With so much landscape and lakes, it's easy to forget the animals that call the land home. The island of Usedom is one of the most bird-rich areas in East Germany. A total of 280 species have been discovered, with 150 breeding on the island each year.

Did you know that the Baltic-Westphalian Jacobsweg begins on the German-Polish border on Usedom? Away from the hustle and bustle of the promenades and the big streets, small paths lead to the hidden corners of the island. A hiking trail network of 400 kilometers is available to you. You are free to explore the designated hiking trails or simply walk across the forest. The only important thing is that you find your way back and don't get lost, because the cell phone network in the forest can sometimes be sparse. It is best to get a hiking map or even a map with guided hiking routes from the tourist information on site. Is this all too late for you? No problem, you can order the right card online before you start your journey: Click here for the online shop of the imperial baths.

The island of Usedom between wide meadows, deep blue lakes and mystical forests.