The wickerwork - from the rough wooden plank to the fine beach chair

Beach chairs © Hans-Jürgen Merkle
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The year is 1882 – a noble lady, Elfriede von Maltzahn, wanted to enjoy the beach in all weathers, despite suffering from rheumatism. Virtue arose from necessity: she commissioned the Rostock court basket maker, Wilhelm Bertelmann, to weave her a windbreak. But no conventional screen was created, but an innovative seat basket.

More and more weavers opened their manufactories and offered their models - because, as is well known, the demand for the special relaxation furniture increased rapidly. Even today, they are an integral part of the landscape of the North and Baltic Seas. On the island of Usedom it was the still young master basket maker Carl Martin Harder. He is considered a pioneer and innovator, as he founded Germany's oldest basket factory in 1925, today known beyond the borders of the seaside resort of Heringsdorf as the "Korbwerk" - old school, new design.

Would you like a look behind the scenes? We took a closer look at the work of the carpenters, weavers and seamstresses. At this point we would like to thank Mr. Mund for the informative and fascinating tour through his sacred halls.

7 work steps, 2 days, 1.500 beach chairs - that's the "basket work" in numbers.

7 steps are required until a beach chair is ready to sit on. It takes 2 days to produce a standard beach chair by hand. Around 1.500 Original Heringsdorfer leave the manufactory this year.

Whether North or Baltic Sea form, "Korbwerk" produces the classics from the wooden plank to the wedding. Cutting, gluing, glazing, braiding, sewing, assembling, sending - an exclusive beach chair is ready, waiting to be set up by the sea, in the mountains, in the garden or on the balcony. Consistently made in Germany. The same applies to the neighboring workbenches – because “Korbwerk” cannot and does not want to completely do without small but fine suppliers from the region.

In addition to standard beach chairs, the “Korbwerk” also produces unusual models, such as huge sales baskets or chilled lounges with heated seats or a sound system. There are no limits to the imagination, nor to the "basket work". You don't buy a beach chair off the shelf here, but individuality in shape and color.

Would you like to see for yourself how the beach chair is produced or how your custom-made seating furniture is made on site? Stop by the “Korbwerk” and take part in a guided tour:

Korbwerk Usedom GmbH & Co. KG
factory tour
Every Thursday at 10 a.m
Waldbühnenweg 2
17424 Seebad Heringsdorf